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Tyrell and Francesca: How To Have A Blast And Make A Statement Too!

In May of 2016, Francesca was chilling at a friend’s house when there was a knock on the door. Tyrell was on one of his many routine visits to his cousin’s house when he saw the pretty stranger and Cupid struck. They were instantly floored by each other’s charms and were certain they’d be married sooner or later.

The pre- wedding rituals were an amalgamation of the Goan bride’s Roce and the East Indian groom’s Umbracha Paani ceremonies. Two days before the wedding, friends and family gathered at the Os By The Sea Resort at Fatrade, Goa to smear the bride and groom with water, coconut milk, flour and even shaving cream!

All set for the pre- wedding rituals to begin!
How it begins: The ceremonial grooming during the bride's Roce and the groom's Umbracha Paani ceremonies

For the uninitiated, the East Indian community comprises of the Catholics predominantly from Mumbai. Traditionally, these ceremonies are meant to get the bride and groom ready for their big day, pretty much like the more common Haldi ceremony. But in present times, it’s more an occasion for friends and family to just prank each other and have fun!

... And how it ends!
We love the customised T- shirts!

Tyrell and Francesca’s wedding on the 6th of Jan, 2018 was eye- catching and unconventional in so many ways! Come on, how many grooms have you seen, who walk down the aisle dressed in gold, down to the shoes?  We love how our flamboyant, larger- than- life groom Tyrell could pull off that look so effortlessly. Tyrell’s attire was in sync with the metallic themed colours of their wedding day- Gold, Silver and Rose- gold!

Ready... get set... get married!
Our pretty bride wearing the gown stitched by her mother, and holding the metal bouquet made by her husband...


Francesca felt that pastel colours were overdone in white weddings all over, and wanted her own wedding portraits to stand out from the rest. Zeroing in on her favourite metallic shades was the way to go. Tyrell, a flourishing metal artist, was all for it too! In fact, the metal bouquet Francesca held was made by her husband.

The metallic shades gleamed everywhere- whether it was the men’s boutonnieres, the ties and sashes of the girls and boys from the bridal party, or the bride’s custom- made jewellery. 

The metal boutonnieres deserve a special mention!
The bridal party!

We love how almost everything has a personalised touch with a story to tell! Francesca’s mother, who had stitched many of her daughters’ dresses when they were little kids, chose to continue the tradition by stitching all of their wedding gowns too!

Mrs. Suzie Mascarenhas created exactly what her daughter had in mind. The low back,  spaghetti straps and  sheer material gave it a modern edge, while the puffy ball- gown like skirt, gave it a traditional touch. The five meter long train which sported some gorgeous embroidery brought in the show- stopper effect! To make a long story short, her gown was designed in such a way that she could move freely and dance all night without a care in the world, and that’s just what she did!

Our stylish bride, the vintage car and the universally loved Goan backdrop. Can it get better than this?
Tyrell has always loved the skull imagery. So Francesca and her sister embroidered the design on his wedding shirt!
The Holy Mass in progress

The late afternoon wedding at the Holy Cross Catholic Church was followed by festivities at the Grand Gigi’s at Cavelossim, Goa.

... Finally!
We love how they personalised even the most overlooked aspects of an event! Did you notice the logo?

The wedding cake too, was something we haven’t encountered before. There were no flowers- not even a hint of it. The cake topper was a large bulbous moon, and the cake itself was inspired by the galaxy and the night sky- a recurring imagery in Tyrell’s art and from which he often draws inspiration.

Even the cake was a show- stopper!
Dancing the night away!

The ‘TyChi Wedding’ was, at the end of the day, a reflection of Tyrell and  Francesca aka Chica’s personalities- fun, crazy and unforgettable! Here’s to them staying the same everyday!

Keep rocking, TyChi!

(Francesca,  popularly known as Chica is a writer, TV anchor and event host. Tyrell is a metal artist and sculptor and runs his own business enterprise- MetalHead Studio. The newly married couple also run a Chinese restaurant called Phat Fork, in India’s first bank- based food- truck themed park called the Bar Bank in Juhu, Mumbai.)

The Bride and Groom Recommend:

The Groom’s Suit:

NM Design Studio, Bandra

Hair and Make Up:

Savio John Pereira

The Bride’s Bouquet:

MetalHead Studio, Mumbai

Wedding Cake:

Christina Fernandes from Christina’s Cake Craft, Mumbai

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