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Sunil and Anisha: Still We Rise!


The year 2012 is not one that holds the fondest memories for Anisha. The mystery ailment that had afflicted her for a while had been diagnosed as a serious case of Vasculitis.

Waking up every day with the creeping fear of immobility is as bad as it can get for most people. But when sorrows come, they come in battalions! For it was during this time that Anisha was getting divorced from her husband of 7 years, whom she had married aged just 19, going against the wishes of her family and friends.

Post divorce, Anisha was battling depression when she fell seriously ill and started experiencing excruciating pain. Parts of her feet had turned gangrenous and the doctors were now considering amputation. Nothing could be a bigger blow for Anisha, a dancer.

sunil closeup

It was around this time that she met Sunil, who had just returned to India from Bahrain. They had been friends as teenagers, before life took them in different directions, only to reintroduce them to each other many years later at an event.

With his ceaseless prayers and encouragement, Sunil slowly became one of Anisha’s greatest support systems. He was by her side during her amputation and became her pillar of support while she got her life back on track.

The gradual realization that they had grown inseparable led to a proposal which finally led to the altar on December 30, 2017.

A resplendant Anisha getting ready to walk down the aisle

The Palm Beach Hotel’s private beach at Vizag provided the perfect setting for the sunset wedding- its rolling waves complimenting the Turquoise, Gold & White theme of the day. The Bridal party walked down the aisle to the tunes of Christina Perri’s ‘A Thousand Years,’ while the Groom’s party waited at the altar for her arrival. 

Turquoise in the details: Ring- bearer pillow
Favours for the men
Mint giveaways for the guests- because it was "mint" to be!
Centrepiece for the tables

After having invested precious time and thought into writing her wedding vows, Anisha had entrusted it to her sister Arushi for safekeeping. Not even in her wildest dreams did she imagine that Arushi would simply forget to bring it to the venue! Anisha was forced to make do with the traditional vows, thanks to her beloved sister’s forgetfulness!

Her uncle, the pastor of their church ‘The Grace Tabernacle’, officiated the wedding and pronounced them man and wife!

With the bridesmaids and the groomsmen

The Wedding Cake was specially flown down from Kolkata’s famous, Saldanha Bakery. This Bakery holds a special place in Sunil & Anisha’s heart, not only because of the rich and unmatched taste of the cakes, but also because it was from here that her parents had ordered the cake for their own wedding many years ago!

Sunil recalls that being so  exhausted, he ended up feeding his father-in-law and not his wife, much to the amusement of everyone present!

As the couple celebrate their first anniversary, they gratefully recall everyone who helped them along the way. They had only one month to plan their wedding. In their own words, it was one mad rush. They are ever so grateful to their friends and family members who worked on a war footing to make the wedding a grand and memorable affair.

More than anything else, Anisha is thankful to God for all the blessings He has showered on her- for pulling her out of her deep sorrow and restoring her to a new life; for parents & extended family who stood by her through thick and thin; for in-laws who welcomed her wholeheartedly and with open arms; for her God- fearing, kind- hearted and supportive husband who encourages her everyday to face life’s challenges bravely; for her new and flourishing business- an art studio and for blessing her with health and the ability to start walking again; sometimes, even dance!

DSC_0179 copy
Wedded bliss!

(Sunil is a Business Expert and handles PR at a clothing brand in Vizag. Anisha Patro Mamiduri is the proprietor of Anisha’s Studio based in Vizag. Visit her Facebook Page @anishasstudio to check out her product line.)

The Bride and Groom Recommends:


Swarovski, Bangkok

Gowns of the  Bride and Bridesmaids: 

AJ Photography and Boutique, Visakhapatnam


Palm Beach Hotel, Vishakhapatnam

The Little Details: 

Centre Pieces, Ring Pillow, Favours etc by Ratna Lois, from Lois and Craft, Vishakhapatnam

Bouquets of the Bride and Bridesmaids: 

Ferns n Petals, Vishakhapatnam

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