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DR.sharon and dr.frederick

When Sharon was fourteen, she had decided that if she ever married, it would be in the quaint old Infant Jesus Church in Kochi, for which she always harboured a special attachment. Twelve years later, she walked down the aisle of that very church, resplendent in all her bridal glory, to be forever united to her husband.

Now every girl has, at some point in her life, drawn up a very specific list of ingredients that go into the making of her ideal husband and Sharon was no different. But as she grew older, she decided to give up such childish notions and sign up on an arranged marriage website instead. 

"Till death do us part..."

Inspite of having zero expectations, nothing worked out and Sharon was on the verge of tossing the whole exercise up into the air when she got a mail. It was from someone who was very close to the image she had painted years ago of her ideal man.

 “A gentleman- who is handsome and classy and can dance!” That was what Sharon looked for in a husband. Destiny gave her all that and much more. Add ‘well- read’, ‘compassionate’, ‘thoughtful’, ‘respectful’ and ‘a great listener’, to the list and there you have Dr. Frederick Williams!

Frederick, a maxillofacial surgeon at Aster Medcity in Kochi, had given the arranged- marriage system a chance at the insistence of his parents but nothing clicked and his patience was exhausted. He had already deactivated his profile and decided to find his ‘The One’ some other way. But as Providence would have it, they met through the very website that they had both given up on.

Fedrick Sharoon marriage-28

Roshni Aunty, a close friend of his mother, gave her the monthly magazine published by the very same website. He opened it with great scepticism, which vanished the moment he saw Sharon’s profile.

There are some moments when we feel Life nudging us to act promptly lest we allow a blessing to slip through our fingers. That’s precisely what Frederick felt while looking at Sharon’s profile, for he immediately reactivated his account and contacted her before more time could be lost.

Fedrick Sharoon marriage-11

They got in touch on October 25, 2017 and became one in the eyes of God and man on October 20, 2018. A courtship period of a year is unusual and often discouraged in the arranged marriage system, but Sharon and Frederick say it helped a great deal in truly knowing the person to whom they have promised love and loyalty. Frederick admits that this one year has convinced him that the woman he married is “much more than just a pretty face,” and is everything he could wish for in a life partner- a calming influence, an eager listener and most importantly, a friend he can be himself with.

Frederick with parents Santosh and Linda; brother Alan and sister- in- law Alisha
Sharon with parents Colonel Jose and Jalaja; and sister Shalet

They began preparing for the wedding day about 8 months in advance. A lot of thought was given to the tiniest detail and every task was executed well in advance, so the weeks before the wedding could be spent actually soaking in the significance of the moment.

Sharon’s family kept alive the Syro- Malabar custom of the ‘Madhuram Vekkal’ where the close family gathered a few nights before the wedding, to feed the glowing bride with sweets, literally wishing her a sweet start to her new journey.

Fedrick Sharoon marriage-18
Sharon being received by the Best Man Alan


The D- day began on a grey note. It had been pouring since 4 in the morning. Sharon’s mother was driven to her knees to invoke the Almighty for a bright sunny day for her daughter’s sake. Her prayers were heard, much to the relief of everyone concerned. An hour before the wedding, the Sun turned up in all his blazing glory. The golden glow of the Sun also brought out the subtle vibrance of the Vintage Rose and Pearl White theme.

Colonel Jose walks his daughter down the aisle
Fedrick Sharoon marriage-30
During Holy Mass
Together forever
Picture perfect!
Fedrick Sharoon marriage-17
Sharon with her bridesmaids and page- boy
With Sharon's college- mates Mrinali, Denise, Eva, Roshni and Jenita
Turning up in style: Frederick with his groomsmen

After their marriage was solemnised at the 200 year old church, the celebrations continued at one of Kochi’s most sought after landmarks- The Bolgatty Palace. The stunning view bestowed by the clear blue sky and the sparkling waters of the Arabian Sea that skirted the locale won the admiration of the guests. They also relished the delectable spread- a fusion of Anglo- Indian and traditional Keralite cuisine.

New beginnings!

Frederick’s uncle Jo, his best friend Lenny and the bride’s sister Shalet addressed the 700- strong gathering who had flown down from different parts of the country and the globe to witness this new beginning.

The gorgeous couple are just back from their honeymoon in Sri Lanka and are all set to start their new life together.

All smiles!

We wish Sharon and Frederick every happiness in the world!

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