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Rohit & Acadia: Facebook Romance gone Right!

Rohit and Acadia’s wedding on August 2018 was a DIY enthusiast’s dream come true!

Everything from the cake pops (not just cake, mind you!) to the centrepiece, letter stand, bouquets, headwear, favours and scented candle giveaways was the result of a concerted effort by Acadia’s extended family to go with the Rustic theme.

The bride’s father, Mr. Bernard Roberts took on the role of the choir master and got the best set of melodies ready for the Holy Mass. It was like the idyllic days of old when families truly bonded over festivals and celebrations.

But was this couple’s journey to the altar as effortlessly smooth and perfect as the wedding day celebrations itself?

Rohit, from Carmel Parish in Pune met Acadia, from St. Joseph’s Parish, Bolarum, Secunderabad, at a youth camp in Khandala in 2010. No, it wasn’t love at first sight, as she was just one among many in the sea of new faces. And so they returned to their cities and their separate lives, only pinging each other with the generic Happy Birthday message yearly on Facebook.

DIY elements: (clockwise) favours for the Groom, family (gents), page boys and groomsmen
DIY elements: homemade jewellery worn by the bride
DIY elements: Bridesmaid's Headwear
DIY elements: Toast Glasses
DIY elements: The Bridesmaids' Bouquets and the Kneelers

But when God thinks it’s time, things begin to move quite by themselves. So five years after they first met, they had their first Facebook conversation that moved beyond “Happy Birthday.” By and by, their conversations became longer, the walls between them slowly dissolved and they began to feel comfortable with each other. Soon enough, they realized they liked each other and had to take things to the next level.

Rohit made the first move (quite literally). He got himself a new job and relocated to Hyderabad to be with his Lady Love. 

Acadia’s family approved of their relationship as soon as they made sure that Rohit’s Keralite Syro- Malabar Community was just as Catholic as they, the Anglo Indians were!

Praying with their families before heading to church

All this while, Rohit knew that it would take some time and effort for his family members to get used to the idea that he had set his heart on someone from outside their community. 

When life presented dilemmas like these, Rohit’s little sister Rhea donned the cape of a problem solver. She was always a rock to her brother and employing her “little sister charms”, convinced her parents that it’d be totally okay if Rohit’s wife didn’t speak Malayalam! Soon enough his folks warmed up to her and realized how much her quiet and collected demeanour complemented their son’s joyful effervescence.

Family and friends were greatly involved during the religious ceremonies. Even the little ones pitched in!

But the families now had another minor hurdle to tackle: the wedding venue.

According to Malayalee Christian tradition, the wedding is held at the Groom’s church, but Anglo Indian customs called for it to be held at the bride’s.

Even before the wedding, Rohit and Acadia learnt that compromise is one of the biggest secrets to a happy married life. And so they settled to have the engagement in Pune and the wedding in Hyderabad.

The pre- wedding days gave them solid training on how to tackle hurdles together. Even when disagreements arose it was never “you vs. me,” but “us vs. the problem”.


Tying the Thaali: Incorporating Malayalee Tradition into the Wedding
The Bridal Party

Rohit and Acadia, stuck to Anglo Indian tradition by cutting all modes of contact 24 hours before saying “I do”. Now it was Rohit’s turn to add his very own twist to the tale and lo! in that short period Rohit came down with a blazing 104 degree fever.

If he  looks slightly drugged in the wedding photos, it’s because he was! He was pulled out of bed two hours before the ceremony and was given a steroid shot so that he could steer through his own wedding. The trial wasn’t over yet. After the ceremony, while the guests waited at the reception, Rohit had to head back home. A short nap and a second steroid shot later, the brave groom emerged, supported by his caring wife, successfully making it to the reception, and subsequently through the day.

The little details: Man- U for life!

The festivities had all the fun elements that sets an Anglo- Indian wedding apart: the grand march, the bouquet and garter toss, the first dance and the father- daughter dance.

The little details that are often overlooked
Keeping the Anglo- Indian traditions alive: (Clockwise) Acadia recieves her last maiden's kiss from her little nephew, taking off the garter- belt, the bouquet toss, Father- daughter dance, Rohit and Acadia's first dance as a newly married couple.

The young couple have just returned after spending the nicest honeymoon in Bali. “We’ve been a couple since 2015, but we’re still getting used to being each others’ roommates” says Acadia. Rohit signs off proudly declaring, “Marrying Acadia was and will always be my best decision”.

The festivities continue!

There’s something timeless about the coming together and active participation of family and friends for a joyful occasion- something that is getting rarer by the day. This is what truly set Rohit and Acadia’s wedding apart. We’re sure that this fun- filled wedding is one that won’t be forgotten for a very long time.

The Bride and Groom Recommends:

The Bride’s Gown:

Stitched by Rosy Tailor, Secunderabad



Lenny Emanuel (Premier Studios)

The Groom’s Suit:

Mafatlal & Sons, Pune

Catering and Event Management:

SV Caterers and Managers, Secunderabad

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