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Riya & Josiah: Rejoicing in Style!

Riya and Josiah are one of those lucky couples who had everything going for them even before their love story began! Having grown up together in Kuwait, they attended the same school and church.

Years later, they reconnected on Facebook. This time, they were miles apart- with Josiah being in Pune and Riya studying in Delhi, but the distance was no deterrent to their growing friendship. On Jan 5th 2019, they sealed their friendship with the marital stamp!

Their higher education and work transported them to different cities and continents. Yet, they both agreed that there is only one way to marry- to return to their roots and tie the knot in their good ol’ native land, Kerala!

The swanky Raviz Resort in Kozhikode- with its luxuriant greenery and modern amenities- was the ideal venue to exchange their vows and host their first luncheon as a married couple.

The celebrations began on the wedding eve with the time-honoured madhuram veppu ceremony. Their morning wedding was followed by a scrumptious feast for their 500 guests.

Most brides and grooms are usually exhausted after the Reception. But these two went all out and hosted yet another bash a few hours later- an after party for their friends and peers- a chance for all of them to make merry and dance the night away!

The Gruhapraveshanam ceremony, the following day, was when Riya was lovingly welcomed into Josiah’s household.

What Riya loved most about Josiah in their early days together, was how he tried his best to not let her feel the distance in their long distance relationship. He had already moved to Australia while Riya pursued her medical studies in Bangalore. Even then, he’d visit her whenever he got the chance. He had mastered the art of organizing surprises for her birthday even when he wasn’t with her!

Riya finally got to repay him for all those sweet memories by planning and coordinating their wedding herself! Josiah had to just breeze in to India a few weeks prior to their big date and wait at the other end of the aisle because everything was already taken care of by his belle- even his appointment with the tailor!

Planning the wedding wasn’t easy for Riya, who at that point, had been working full time as a doctor in Kerala. After each hectic week, she would set off to Bangalore in the weekends to make arrangements with the wedding vendors, only to rush right back to Kerala and start another insanely busy week all over again. Necessity, truly, is the mother of all virtue!

Every bride needs a support system, though! Josiah’s siblings Jean and Jeslyn; and Riya’s own siblings Emily and Roshan pitched in in a big way. Riya’s best friend Anisha, too, was always ready with her inputs and ideas.

Riya dazzled in her tube gown-  a classic princess cut dress with detachable sleeves. What really sets her wedding gown apart were the tiny wine red details in the gown. The radiant bride was accompanied by her dear friends, who all glowed in their wine red gowns.

A major takeaway from her own wedding story is to spend your money wisely. And for that, you need to have your priorities in place!

There is no need to decorate every nook and corner with fresh flowers! Her dear friend Joanna who has built a name for herself by making customized cards, not only designed their wedding card, but also several placards which made the decorative props more personalized and budget friendly too!

According to Riya and Josiah, guests might even forget the bride and groom! The only things that will remain forever etched in their memories are the food and the venue. So, invest in a gorgeous resort and some lip smacking nourishment, if you want to make sure your guests have a good time!

Take the help of your friends and family! Delegating the little tasks to some trustworthy people really helps you have a cool head on your big day.

And lastly, focus on the present! Soak in the moment. Don’t fret much over the details. If Riya could return to her wedding day, she’d make sure to click more photos with the guests, and just chill and laugh and chat with them, instead of hurrying away.

Anyway, she now gets to spend her everyday with that “cute athletic senior from her school”; and really, what could be better than that?

(Josiah works as an engineer in Sydney, Australia; and has recently been joined by his wife Riya, who is all set to resume practice as a Medical Doctor.)

The Bride and Groom Recommend:

Josiah’s Wedding Look

Suit: Raymond 

Hairdo: Toni & Guy, Calicut

Riya’s Wedding Look

Gown: The Bridal Boutique, Bangalore

Hairdo and Makeup: La Broiche, Kozhikode

Jewellery: Malabar Gold and Diamonds


Band: Zealous


Wedding Invite and Decoration Placards:

JustJo- Customised Invites

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