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Mrudulika and Daniel- When Mr. Right was Worth the Wait!

“Done with your studies? It’s time for marriage then, right? Have you begun looking?”

Mrudulika was 23 and had just completed her law degree when these  questions began pouring in from every source imaginable. She gave in and put up her profile in several matrimonial sites.

The responses were many and varied, but none of them felt quite right. And she didn’t want to compromise on her choice either. After all, you are deciding with whom you get to spend the rest of your life.

With her bridesmaids- friends, stressbusters, cheerleaders...all rolled into one!

“Marriage will happen when it must”. Unwilling to put  her life on hold for marriage anymore she boldly took some major career decisions, moved out of home, took that long desired vacation with friends, made innumerable memories, and accomplished many things which were put on pause mode all those years while “the Search” took prominence.

Life was going great!

The beaming bride all set to wed

The wedding bells began ringing when her phone buzzed with a whatsapp notification.

Mrudulika's proud parents walk her down the aisle

Manav, her younger brother, was in Delhi on an official trip when a friend introduced him to Daniel- a Christian, a Lawyer and more so an eligible bachelor! The couple met in April, got engaged in August and took their marital vows in November 2018.

With Daniel George, things just felt right. Finally, she had found someone who shared her wavelength.

Seeking Divine Intervention during the nuptials

The run up to the D-day was stressful. But now as she looks back, she recognizes good Samaritans everywhere, whether it was the tailor who instinctively understood her requirements and made the wedding dress of her dreams or her friends who also doubled up as much needed stress busters, or even the flight attendant at Indigo airlines who kept two upper cabins empty just to accommodate her wedding dress.

The regal Cathedral Church of the Redemption, New Delhi served as the perfect venue for Mrudulika and Daniel's elegant white winter wedding
Awe- inspiring and majestic setting

The wedding day passed like the perfect dream. They married in the heart of Lutyen’s Delhi at the century old Cathedral Church of the Redemption. The wintery air added to the timeless charm the place exuded. It was her day and she felt like a princess- because she married on her terms, to the man she chose for herself and at a time when she was ready.

Blissful newlyweds

She is eternally grateful to her Mom and Dad for understanding and supporting her all this while. She thankfully remembers her spiritual mentor who convinced her that when it’s God’s time, the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle would automatically fall into place.

A New Beginning!

Mrudulika and Daniel have just returned from their honeymoon in Mauritius and are all set to start their new life together in the national capital.

Advice for those considering marriage in the near future? Don’t hit the PAUSE button in life waiting for marriage. Do your thing! Believe in God’s providence.

Also, have your bridesmaids sneak in snacks during the reception- you will be eternally grateful to them.

Honeymooning in Mauritius

(Mrudulika and Daniel are both lawyers who currently reside in the National Capital. While Daniel practices independantly, Mrudulika works at an Infrastructure Company.)

The Bride and Groom Recommend:

The Bride’s Gown:

Lord’s Tailors, S. D Road, Secunderabad

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