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Jiji and Shruthi: Practical and Pretty!

Trivandrum based Shruthi and Jiji are a go- getter couple who already have so many accomplishments under their belt.

On weekdays, Shruthi dons the white coat of a doctor and Jiji works as a Business analyst. But they also jointly run several business ventures together- a bridal boutique and makeover salon, for instance. Apart from this, Jiji Philip is an avid biker while Shruthi is an artist and also a well known anchor with Kappa TV.

Now when people ask them how they pack so much into their 24 hours, Shruthi says it’s all about prioritizing- keeping what’s important and chucking out the fluff. They literally followed the same mantra for their wedding day as well.

Shruthi and Jiji stuck to the bare minimum and rocked their wedding day!

Jiji and Shruthi met in 2016, thanks to Shruthi’s sister Smrithi, who played Cupid. With time, they evolved into each other’s best friends, business partners as well as biggest cheerleaders.  And on the 28th of November 2018, they became husband and wife at the CSI Christ Church, Palayam.

Wedding Service in progress

First came the formal engagement. The dress code for the day was ‘Traditional Keralite Attire’ leading to a sea of white and gold.

Fun Fact: Before her engagement ceremony, Shruthi helped out all the ladies of the household with their sarees and makeup. Only then did she shift the focus to herself and proceeded to get ready… before driving herself down to the venue!

Engaged in their traditional best!

This super pragmatic couple decided to do away with anything they considered superfluous, (whether it was the pre- wedding custom of the Madhuram Veppu, or any ostentatious mode of festivity). This is the philosophy they swear by and is probably what enables them to do all the things that they do.

On the day of the wedding, the bride exuded oomph and glamour in her pearl- white off- shoulder gown with its signature cathedral train.

Owning a bridal boutique sure comes with its own set of advantages. And no one knows this better than Shruthi, the proprietor of The Grandeur Bridal Boutique, who designed her wedding gown and the bridesmaids’ dresses from scratch.

The bride who designed her fuss free gown from scratch!

The motive was to wear something in which she could move freely and not be bogged down by Kerala’s infamous humidity. The stretch satin fabric ensured that her gown was breathable, washable and re- usable. It’s also no surprise that the fiercely independent Shruthi singlehandedly got her hair and makeup done too. This bride sure takes sass and self reliance to a whole new level!

The only hiccup in their wedding prep story was when Jiji, who stands at a towering 6 feet and 2 inches could not find a suit that matched his stature anywhere in Kerala. But a quick trip to Chennai fixed the issue!

Now, our dapper groom Jiji has been an active part of the famed Ghost Ryderz Club as a stunt rider for about 10 years. On his wedding day, the entire group turned up all smart and suited up to be his groomsmen!

The biker and his groomsmen from the famous Ghost Ryderz Club

Though Shruthi is all for simple and minimalist weddings, there are some things, she believes all couples must invest in on their wedding. Have an amazing team of photographers capture your day- because, while the day passes by in a flash, the pictures will stay with you forever! And don’t shy away from hiring a reputed makeup artist- so you can carry off your bridal look with confidence!


(Shruthi is a Doctor and works at Cosmopolitan Hospital Trivandrum. She is also an anchor with Kappa TV. Jiji is a Business Analyst with Finastra in Trivandrum. Shruthi and Jiji are the proprietors of Grandeur Bridal Boutique and Grandeur Makeup Artistry.)

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