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Diana and Linley: A Royal Wedding, All the Way!

On Jan 21 2018, Linley took Diana to be his wife in a mesmerising ceremony at Goa’s most iconic landmark- The Basilica of Bom Jesus. The splendid affair, attended by over 1500 guests, was spread over many days. The unparalleled scale of celebrations will undoubtedly remain etched in everyone’s memory. But behind this larger than life wedding is an equally riveting story!

The couple first met in the summer of 2015, and while Diana was instantly charmed by Linley, she didn’t expect things would be heading to Marriage Ville. Linley too was equally intrigued by her and was determined to get to know the girl beneath the surface.

Exchanging rings at the Basilica of Bom Jesus

He knew she would never say yes to a date. So every weekend he’d travel from Mumbai (where he worked) to Goa (where she lived) to make it on time for the Sunday mass at St. Anne’s Parra, just for those few minutes of conversation after mass. Six months after they met, Linley asked Diana out, and they were engaged soon after.

The detachable train of Diana's mermaid dress was inspired by the fashion of the Renaissance period
Linley was initially hesitant about the monochrome ivory outfit, but he rocked the look!

The bride and groom spent about 2 years planning for the wedding and the result was magnificent!

Pearl White and Rose Gold: The Theme Colours

Have you heard of the Baroque style of architecture, music, painting and sculpture that flourished in Europe in the seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries? It was characterized by rich and intricate details, thus giving an overall luxurious feel. Diana and Linley’s wedding was predominantly Baroquian- the grandeur in the details sets this wedding apart!

The little details that require great thought: The toast glasses, the wedding invitation and the groom's boutonniere

The Pre- Wedding Ceremonies!

Scenes from the Jevon Ceremony
With Lorna Cordeiro, the Nightingale of Goa, who performed during the Jevon

Most Goan Catholic weddings these days only stick to the basics- the Roce and the Wedding Ceremony. Diana and Linley went all out and incorporated all the traditional ceremonies! First, they had the Jevon, during which the less fortunate members of the society were fed by the family, an auspicious start to a new beginning! The performance of Lorna Cordeiro, the Nightingale of Goa, made the event even more special.

Doused in Coconut Milk during the Roce
The Goan Roce incorporated elements from Mumbai's equivalent- the Umbraacha Paani

The Goan pre- wedding ritual of the Roce had elements of the Umbraacha Paani ceremony of the East Indian community. Since Diana is also half- Gujarati, they had a special Garba night as well, where a special dance troupe from Mumbai wowed the guests.

Scenes from the Garba Night

Post the wedding, the Portonem ceremony was held, which is the ceremonial return of the bride with her husband to the house of her childhood.

Red: The traditional colour for the Portonem
The enthralled audience at the Portonem Ceremony

The Wedding!

The Wedding Ceremony in progress

Most people won’t buy into the idea of a bride sporting mehndi for a white wedding. However, Diana pulled off both these seemingly contrasting styles with much élan. She wanted to incorporate her Gujarati roots during her nuptials and the Mehndi on her palms did just that!  

Picture perfect

Our gifted bride had already envisioned her perfect dress when she was a teenager. In Dubai, she found the perfect fabric for that dream Mermaid dress, and got it made from there, exactly how she had pictured it.

Diana stayed true to her eternal love for Swarovski crystals and bling, by wearing a dress which stood out for its elaborate design, lace and stonework. Her gown also had a detachable train, so that she could dance as much as she pleased!

The first dance!

Linley’s monochrome ivory outfit complemented his bride perfectly. The pearl white shades of the couple’s attire and the rose- gold hues of the bridal entourage radiated the day’s Royal theme.

Diana had to dye the Lycra fabric twice to get the desired hue for her bridesmaids' attires

Diana and Linley’s wedding cake was inspired by the raging trends in the Middle East, and is definitely one of the grandest we’ve seen so far! The whopping seven-foot whisky cream cake with cherubic and floral figurines donned the theme colours of pearl and rose- gold. Even the former Grand Hyatt chef who was commissioned to make the cake, declared that this was the most lavish cake of her career!

The seven foot whisky cream cake that wowed the audience

After two years of meticulous planning, Diana and Linley managed to pull off an unforgettable wedding. We love them for unabashedly going all out and having the wedding of their dreams- just the way they wanted!

(Linley is a Chemical Engineer and currently works with Swiss company, Lonza. Diana is a Lawyer and heads the Legal Wing in her family business. They are both based in Goa).

The Bride and Groom Recommend:

The Bride’s Look:

Gown: Custom- made from Dubai

Makeup and Hairdo: Afsha Aaqil Prasla

Jewellery: The Diamond Factory, Mumbai

The Groom’s Look:

Suit: Dziners Bespoke, Goa

Event Management: 

Cliff Franco, Goa

Wedding Cake: 

Tintin Cafe, Vagator


StudioGrey, Goa

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