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Claudia and Lloyd: When Cupid struck childhood friends...

Claudia and Lloyd’s love story began a very long time ago- perhaps even before they knew what the word Love meant! They belonged to the same parish and went to the same school in Mumbai. Their families knew each other too.

The bride and groom all set to marry at the church they both belong to- St. Blaise Parish

Claudia’s earliest memories of Lloyd are of both of them walking back together after school as eight or nine year olds. A bunch of cows relaxing by the wayside is not an uncommon sight in Indian streets, and Claudia was terrified of crossing their path on her own. Nine year old Lloyd then decided to walk her to her doorstep every day. Little Lloyd’s chivalry could put many grown men to shame!

The proposal- with one of the most iconic structures of contemporary times for a backdrop

They lost touch with each other after passing out of school and reconnected more than a decade later in Dubai where they had both moved for work. Claudia’s apprehensions about an awkward reunion disappeared the minute they met. Their friendship hadn’t changed in spite of the time and distance.

A snap from the 'Save the Date' photoshoot

They felt that dating was pointless in their case, that’s how convinced they were! Their parents too were more than happy to bless their union and before they knew it, they were shopping for engagement rings!

Almost all the couples we have spoken to at Christories declare in unison how stressful and taxing the months preceding the wedding can be. Claudia and Lloyd, on the other hand, had it very smooth. Since both the bride and groom were overseas, the family members took over the preparations. Everything was looked into and arranged so flawlessly that Claudia jollily declares how she could breeze into Mumbai just six days before her wedding and get married without a care in the world!

The bride is ready!

For this she is especially grateful to her brother in law Daniel, sister in law Leyona and her husband Valens, her brother Russell, and also to her cousins Aaron, Aurica, Noel, Amanda, Lydia, Alex, Jennifer, Priscilla and Mac.

Both Lloyd and Claudia stuck to the Goan pre wedding ritual of the Roce ceremony- where along with coconut milk, they were doused with ice cream and coffee powder and eggs and flour and basically everything their “evil cousins” could lay their hands on!

Handing over of the bride's bouquet: The official start to the wedding proceedings

They married on the 6th of October, 2018 in their home- parish, St. Blaise, Amboli in Andheri, Mumbai.

Claudia opted for the classic bridal look with the princess gown, but played up a bit of her zestful personality by sparkling up her makeup. We quizzed her about her multi- coloured bangles which she sported on her wedding day. It’s a common accessory for Christian brides from Mumbai- and the different colours represent the different phases of a woman’s life. The red stands for marital bliss, the green represents the responsibility of motherhood, and the yellow stands for the sombre prospect of widowhood.

Red, green, yellow: The circle of a woman's life

Their nuptials were witnessed by 500 of their closest friends and family.

Six months later, when they look back, Lloyd and Claudia say that if they could marry all over again, it would be in the same exact way. They wouldn’t change a thing. It was their perfect way to start their new chapter together!

(Claudia and Lloyd, both Mumbaikars at heart, are currently based in Dubai. Claudia works at an investment company and Lloyd, who belongs to the hospitality industry currently works at the Burj Al Arab).

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