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All About Wedding Cakes!

All About Wedding Cakes!


History of the Wedding Cake

Ancient Rome, 50 B.C – The groom would eat a part of the ceremonial barley bread (the predecessor of wedding cakes) and break the rest over his bride’s head to symbolize his…. errrr…. dominance over her.

Medieval Europe, 1300s – According to tradition, newlywed couples who could manage to kiss over a large pile of buns before them would enjoy a lifetime of prosperity and fertility.

17th century, Europe – The first modern cakes were simple, single tiered plum cakes.

1840s, England – A multi- tiered cake with completely white icing was used at Queen Victoria’s wedding and this consequently became the most dominant trend worldwide for the next 150 years (till date) .

Did You Know??

Till about a hundred years ago, the topmost tier of the cake was stored to be eaten during the christening of the newlywed couple’s first child.

Nowadays, with married couples opting to have children a few years down the line, newlyweds save a slice from the topmost tier to have during their first Wedding Anniversary or on the first Valentine’s Day after the wedding.

Trending Wedding Cakes

The popular Multi- tiered Wedding Cake. Trending since Queen Victoria's Wedding in 1840. (Courtesy:Pinterest)
The eye- catching Macaron Cake
The increasingly popular Cake Pop Stand (Courtesy:Pinterest)
The Naked Cake : The Hot New Favourite
Use your Wedding Cake to show off your personality
Semi Naked Cake : Picture Perfect!
Cupcakes : Slowly replacing the Grand Old Cake at Weddings
Pancake Cake : New Kid in Town!

Do this & Save money on your wedding cake:-

These pretty but money guzzling Sugar Flowers can end up leaving a bad taste in the mouth.

Have a single tier, square cake.

Cut a small cake on stage, and use a sheet cake to feed your guests.

If you can’t do without a multi tiered cake, ask your bakery to squeeze in a few well decorated  layers of Styrofoam.

Unless the weather is too hot, use buttercream instead of fondant.

The famous, intricate sugar flower decorations take a lot of time and effort to make and hence cost more money. Go with real flowers instead.

Ditch any frosting/ decoration and become Trendsetters by having Naked cakes at your Wedding!

Ditch any frosting/ icing and throw in some real flowers for decoration. Just as pretty (& easier on the pocket).
The cake feeding tradition symbolizes the couple's promise to always provide for each other!
This implies the very opposite! The whole cake goes down the drain (and so does the money you spent on Hair, Makeup and Dress). Keep it classy, and reserve childish displays of affection for another day!
Just make sure you have a Warrior Sword ready to cut cake ... like a Boss!

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