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Annie and Ajith: Sailing into their Happily Ever After!

Love at first sight? Nope!


Annie’s cousins recall that as a kid, she loved movies and her favourite actor was the Tamil movie- star Ajith. Surprisingly, her own love story played out exactly like a movie and she found herself head over heels in love with her own Ajith!

Annie, our heroine is the sassy lass who loved her work and her happening life. Marriage was the only topic that would bring the roof down in spite of all the cautious diplomacy her mother used while broaching the subject. When a casual rendezvous with Merchant Navy officer Ajith was fixed, Annie was determined to let him know of her absolute lack of interest.


He was smart, respectful, had a great job and had all the qualities that make an ideal husband, but Annie would see none of that- for she chose to look at the view outside the window during the entire meeting, while giving brief, robotic responses to his queries. Ajith could sense her indifference and being pragmatic he decided to move on. It was time to report to duty and head back to the seas.

Had he really moved on? For, a month later, when his father asked him to contact her again, claiming Annie was now open to the proposal, he relented.

  They were both oblivious to the fact that his father and her grandmother were actively pulling some strings in the background- coaxing, pleading and nudging them literally, to talk to each other!  Maybe elders do have some kind of sixth sense or God- given wisdom or whatever you’d like to call it!

bouquet final
Pastel shades: The Theme colours

He initiated the lines of contact but Annie was taking her own time to even respond. In frustration, he said he was only trying because his father kept insisting.  Most girls would have found that kind of frankness unflattering, but Annie found his openness oddly cute and her heart melted. What a peculiar thing for a girl to find endearing! She finally let him through the walls she had built around her heart. A few weeks later when Ajith asked where this relationship was headed, she said she didn’t mind if it was headed to the altar!

The length of the calls increased, and later when they started hanging out, Ajith realised that she was “exactly the right amount of crazy” he needed. He found it very hard to join the next ship, when he saw his “tough girl” cry her eyes out at the thought of his leaving.

The Syro Malabar way: Snaps from the Betrothal, Engagement and Wedding ceremonies respectively

   They married in August 2017 . First came the Urappeer, or the Betrothal ceremony where their match was made official to close friends and family (perhaps this is the traditional equivalent of ‘facebook official’!) followed by the Engagement ceremony which is conducted by the bride’s side. Then, a few nights before the wedding they had the “Madhuram Vekkal” ceremony, where the family members fed them sweets for a sweet life ahead.

The wedding was held according to the Syro Malabar rite in St. Antony’s Church, Kakkanad, Kochi. Annie was flanked by her bridesmaids who sported the same pastel colours that were present in her bouquet. The ladies from Ajith’s clan were the very picture of unity, having all turned up in various shades of turquoise.

Ajith's mother welcoming the new bride

Post the wedding, the bride was welcomed into her new home by her mother- in- law, and entered the home carrying the lit up vilakku or lamp, symbolic of an auspicious new beginning. The  happy peace was ruffled for a short while when Ajith realized his cousins had pranked him by removing the lock in his bedroom door.  After threatening his younger brother, both the lock and the peace were promptly retrieved.

The St. Thomas Cross in the vilakku- a popular symbol for the Keralite Christians
Travel buddies for life!

         It’s been a year now. Annie is floored by Ajith’s  steadfast relationship with God, which has made her own prayer life stronger. She glows  every time she mentions how mature, dependable and caring he is.

        Ajith agrees that her infectious laughter and playful quirks are exactly what he needed a lifetime supply of! He’s addicted to having her as a travel- buddy now and they’ve both already checked off a few dream destinations in their first year together! The lovebirds fight quite a bit- but since those fights only bring them closer, we suspect they secretly enjoy it!

        If their love story is made into a movie one day,  Ajith’s Father and Annie’s Granny  would probably share the award for the best supporting role. Teehee!

The Bride and Groom Recommends:

Makeup and hairdo

Engagement- Maya’s Beauty Clinic, Kottayam

Wedding- Jaanmoni Das, Kochi


Engagement (Bride): Jayalakshmi Silks, Ashwini Mathoor Couture

Engagement (Groom): Kim Outfitters, Ernakulam

Wedding (Bride): Althea Bridals and Bespoke, Kochi

Wedding (Groom): Raymonds, Kochi

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