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Acsha & Jonathan's Unforgettable Journey to
The Altar!

For Acsha, life had come full circle when her paths crossed with her long- lost first love, who had stolen her heart almost fifteen years ago. Jonathan and Acsha’s wedding on Jan 11, 2019 was the most delightful conclusion a Sunday School love could have.  


Acsha and Jonathan at their pre- wedding Nalugu ceremony

Their journey to the altar was strewn with many sweet moments. Right from being led to the right vendors to being completely free of anxiety, the grace of God was powerfully felt.

All it took was a glance for Acsha to realize this dress was meant for her!

While the eve of most weddings are lost in a whirring race to accomplish last- minute tasks, the bride and groom, their families and guests were cozily cooped up in their lodgings at Aalankrita Resorts, Hyderabad catching up and even gathering for prayer together as one big family. 

Waking up on the morning of her wedding day to see all her loved ones bonding together over breakfast, is one memory that will stay with Acsha forever. 

Over the years, Acsha’s mother had lovingly curated various pieces of jewelry solely for her wedding day. The ornaments which adorned the bride were all from this collection of motherly warmth.

The promise of a lifetime of love and loyalty
Family members pitch in to make the wedding service more meaningful
Acsha and Jonathan decided to have a one- venue event, and therefore exchanged their vows at Aalankrita Resorts
Ready to walk into the future, hand-in-hand.
The bike was specially arranged by a guest a few days before the wedding when he realized what a bike-nerd Jonathan is!
The lush grounds of Aalankrita Resorts provide an endless supply of pretty backdrops for the perfect wedding portrait!

The nitty gritties of the wedding day were under the care of Hyderabad- based SV Events, who understood the vision of the couple so well, that they began to feel more like family! 

A show- stopping entrance indeed!
The Shoe Game- the current rage at Wedding Receptions all over the world!
Banquet scenes

The best moment of her wedding day was when Acsha casually looked up while cutting the wedding cake. From the stage she saw 800 beaming faces joyfully gazing back at the newly wed couple. In that fleeting moment, she felt the love and blessings of all their well wishers who’d gathered there just for them. And through them, she felt the love and blessings of the Almighty God. 

(Jonathan is a musician who currently works as a manager at Ducati, Hyderabad. Though Acsha’s specialization is in the healthcare industry, she has followed her passion to work in the education sector. They are based in Hyderabad.)

The Bride and Groom Recommend:

The Bride’s Attire

Wedding Gown: The Bridal Studio, Hyderabad

Makeup and Hairdo: Lush n’ Blush, Hyderabad

The Groom’s Attire: 

The Wilson’s, Hyderabad

Catering and Event Management: 

SV Events, Hyderabad

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