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Achum and Meren- When Cupid Strikes at Work!

Achum wishes she remembers the day when she was first introduced to Meren. But at that point, it was just another day and Meren was just another colleague. Both were so caught up in their own orbits that in spite of working together for almost two and a half years, they barely had a worthwhile conversation. Finally, Providence intervened. On April 2017, both Achum and Meren were chosen to be part of a training program in Kolkata.

Scenes from the Engagement photoshoot

The more they spoke, the deeper their new friendship grew. Kolkata, which is famously known as the city of joy, will be extra special to this couple, since that was where Cupid set to work in their lives. A year and a half of dating each other convinced them that the only way forward was to the altar!

And the wedding ceremony begins!

They were engaged on the 3rd of December, 2018 and formally became man and wife at the Kohima Lotha Baptist Church on the 30th of January 2019.

Two months was all they had to get everything in order. Achum declares that their wedding day turned out to be flawlessly perfect only because of the good Samaritans who helped them at every stage.

But even their relatively smooth journey had its share of hiccups.

Achum experienced every girl’s biggest nightmare when the wedding gown she had purchased and altered turned out to be an ill- fitting, mismatched disappointment. With less than three weeks to go, she had to run to every pillar and post to get another dress made from scratch. One can only imagine how stressful that was, when so many other aspects of the big day demanded her attention.

Achum's bridal attire
We love how she rocked her look inspite of the last- minute scare!

Luckily, 5 days before her wedding, the dress of her dreams was stitched to perfection by Dimapur based brand ‘Liyingclothing.’ Achum was the very picture of understated elegance with her pearl white mermaid cut gown with sheer sleeves. She spotted those unbelievably gorgeous earrings at a local bazaar- who would ever guess?

Exchanging their wedding vows
New beginnings- preserved for eternity!

But what we love most about her bridal look was the bouquet she carried. We’ve all seen those tiny star shaped flowers in bouquets before… but only as mere fillers. The bigger, colourful and fragrant flowers were always the centre of attraction. The tiny white flowers were always there and always unnoticed. Kudos to Achum and Meren for choosing the oft ignored ‘baby’s breath,’ as the primary attraction not only in the bridal bouquet but also among the other decorative items. Thanks to them we’ve learnt that this humble flower has always been a symbol of the purest form of love!

The usually inconspicuous Baby's Breath gets the pride of place in Meren's boutonniere and Achum's bouquet

Pinterest was a major source for ideas and inspiration! The pictures say it all!

Speaking of food, the main course was a delectable blend of Naga and North Indian cuisine. The mainland was represented by Pulao and Matar Paneer and Aloo Dum, while the Naga Hills had the classic steamed vegetables, Pork and bamboo shoot, dry fish with bamboo shoot chutney, Chicken chilly and dried eel with powdered yam leaves to offer!

The desserts that wowed their 800 guests were Tres de Leche, Kiwi Pana Cotta, Tiramisu and the universally loved cotton candy.

When asked what advice they have for couples preparing for their big day, both Achum and Meren speak about the wisdom behind setting aside some money for unforeseen expenses, because the expenses are bound to exceed the budget! But more than anything, surrender the wedding preparations to the almighty, and it’ll surely be a memorable experience!

Christories wishes Achum and Meren every happiness in the world for the years to come!

(Achum and Meren are based in Mokokchung, Nagaland and are both lecturers at the Institute of Communication and Information Technology).

The Bride and Groom Recommend:

Wedding Look:

The Groom’s suit: 

Bruun & Stengade

The Bride’s Gown: 

Liyingclothing, Dimapur

Hair & Makeup: 

Benile Kent (heartsthatbee)

Wedding Cake and Dessert:

Abigail Silthou from Bakeforyou, Kohima


Changki Union Caterers


Imcha Jamir Photography, Nagaland

Wedding Planner:

Your Fairytale Wedding, Nagaland

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