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About us

We are a brand new digital publication that writes and records stories of the Indian Christian community.

We put in print every aspect of your wedding story!

Our focus is not only your wedding, but also the remarkable tale that precedes the Big Day… because your magical story deserves to be told to the whole World!

For you, it’s an online souvenir, which would help you relive those special moments over and over again, and even share with friends and family!

If you are planning your own Dream Wedding and need some useful information and resources- Congratulations, you are in the right place!

The Brides and Grooms we feature, also share some useful nuggets of knowledge they picked up along the way, like, where they got their outfits and jewellery from, the different Wedding Themes,  the most sought after event planners and the best caterers in town!

Additionally, you also get to introduce yourself to the Indian Christians you wouldn’t have otherwise met! We are a website where you can read stories of people like you and just soak in all the warmth and love!

Welcome home!

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