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15 Tips To Have A Fun, Stress- Free Wedding

  1. Get Some Sleep

Unless your wedding is ‘Zombie’ themed, make sure you clock at least 8 hours daily for a week  prior to the wedding. It does wonders for your skin, hair and stress levels.


  2.   Rehearsal

Even if you can’t get a full blown rehearsal with the bridal party, make sure that you yourself visit the wedding venue a day or two before the wedding to get acquainted with the place and calm frayed nerves.


3.  Make a checklist and assign some responsibilities to friends

 We personally know of a Groom who delayed the whole wedding by arriving late, and then realizing halfway through the service, that he had forgotten to bring the wedding ring along.

This could have been avoided if he had left this in charge of his Best Man/ brother/ parent/ any responsible person.


4.  Start dressing up early

 Be a classy bride/ groom and dress up in style, while joking around with friends and family. Don’t spend your last few hours of singlehood being a panic stricken nervous wreck racing against time and ruining everyone’s day.


5.  Spend quality time with friends and family

Your family, close friends and bridal party have spent a lot of time, effort and money to make sure you have a memorable day. Repay their love by spending quality time with each of them and getting some great pics clicked for memory’s sake.


6.  Unplug

Any tremendously important message can be answered by siblings/ best friends/ parents. Be in the moment by keeping yourself at a safe distance from your phone.


7.  Grab some food/ drink

As brides and grooms, you are expected to be looking good, feeling good, smelling good and perpetually flashing those pearly whites. But it’s a fact that your wedding day will undoubtedly be super tiring. We assure you, having a good, nourishing meal is not going to cause a tear in your dress. Being “hangry” and hearing your stomach growl while feeling dizzy is the last thing you want in your list of wedding memories.


8.  Get used to your Wedding Shoes

One bride was carried into the reception venue by a particularly romantic groom.  What was however not so romantic was the fact that this happened because the bride could barely walk after the ceremony, having gone numb in the feet. All because she wanted to preserve her “brand new” stilettos for the wedding morning.

9.  Practice your walk

Especially if you are a bride wearing a big puffy princess gown, the key to a grand walk down the aisle while navigating all the layers under the gown (and not ending up like this poor bride here!) is to have slight kicking motions as you walk. Just make sure your face looks elegant through all of this.


10.  Emergency Kit 

Brides and Grooms, An emergency kit (consisting of anything from from safety pins and tissues to bandaids, pain relievers and stain removers) will most likely come in handy at some point during your wedding day. Thank us later!



11.  Touchup 

Be picture perfect at all times with a little touch up every now and then.

Leave your makeup kit in charge of one of your bridesmaids so that it’s always within reach.


12.   Loo break

Also, taking a much needed 2-minute loo break is not a criminal offence. At least you won’t have to grit your teeth while greeting guests and posing for photos.


13.  Be selfless

Yes, it’s your day. And you deserve to enjoy it. But putting any feelings of tiredness and discomfort on the back burner while you take time out to warmly greet each guest will add a much appreciated personal touch and gain you lots of Goodwill.


14.  Don’t sweat the small stuff

There are only a few things in this World that are worse than a Bridezilla/ Groomzilla. Things don’t always go according to a perfect plan. If there is a small mess up at any point during your wedding, just be gracious, laugh and forget about it. These will make great memories even many years later.

15.  Rely on God.

Give priority to God. When feeling a little overwhelmed, whisper a quick prayer. Don’t forget that Jesus performed his first miracle at the Wedding Feast of Cana. He will take care of your Wedding too, and your journey after that as well. Place your trust in him, and you won’t be disappointed.

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